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CPC Holder - Overview

CPC Holder, or its full meaning, Certificate of Professional Competence Holder, & the requirement of having a CPC Holder nominated on either a Road Haulage, or Road Passenger Transport application, does in a lot of cases come as a bit of a surprise to many who are applying for a Road Transport Operator’s Licence.

It is very common for many not have even heard of the terms, Certificate of Professional Competence, CPC, or CPC Holder, never mind understanding the role of a CPC Holder has to play, in relation to Road Transport Operator Licensing Regulations.


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When using this website, you will notice the term “Transport Manager CPC Holder” this term is used due to the fact that a Certificate of Professional Competence holder has shown via examination that they are competent to manage transport operations, in either Road Haulage, or Road Passenger Transport, & keep those operations compliant to the current licensing regulations surrounding the operation of those vehicles in in said mentioned operations. Therefore, for a transport manager’s nomination on to an Operator Licence to be successful, the nominated transport manager, must have obtained a Certificate of Professional Competence.

Therefore, a CPC Holder is a formally recognised & qualified Transport Manager, & matching the term Transport Manager CPC Holder, which has become the norm in describing a CPC Holder, in relation to Operator Licensing regulation.  

Finally, Oplas Transport Consultancy would like to thank you for giving some of you time to visiting our website, please feel free to navigate your way through this website, if you are after more information relating to matters concerning the use of external transport management services, the Certificate of Professional Competence or being a Transport Manager CPC Holder.

This Website and the information shown on it, has been produced as a basic guide, to show the relationship between a CPC Holder, & the Operator Licence Regime. Therefore, it cannot be considered as formal legal advice.